CEO кабина Капитана Звездолета


注意:全てのオファーは、この銀河内でのみ有効です。あなたの連絡先情報を残している場合、正確に電子メールアドレスをご覧ください。あなたの携帯電話を教えている場合は、呼び出し時間を入力します。 18から24時間は、宇宙船をGMT安定した受信のです。

Вас приветствует автоответчик Zvezdolet TV
К сожалению, сейчас Капитан Звездолета находится на Земле, на TRONe в зоне рубля.
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Sorry, but we can not supply the phone numbers or addresses of intermakers. It is best to write directly to the distribution company or check if there is an official site for the Ainu in Russia. If you can't find that information elsewhere, you can e-mail your correspondence to boss1@e-xe.ru,  and we will forward it, if possible. Just don't hold your breath waiting for a reply - Ainur are busy people! NOTICE: All offers are valid only within this Galaxy. If you leave your contact information, please e-mail address accurately. If you tell your phone, enter the time you call. From 18 to 24 hours GMT on spaceship is out of stable reception.


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